The Little Things

I am thankful for…

…my bright, smiley children.  They are literally the light of my life, the song in my heart and the best part of my day.

…my hard-working, funny, patient-when-I-am-not husband and Daddy to our children.

…my warm, untidy, lived-in, smells-like-home house.  The centre of our lives, where our story unfolds.

…my mom & dad, siblings & their spouses and kids.  The “five of us” in my extremely close nuclear family that will always have a special place in my heart, along with the expansion we have experienced over the last few years – all people who make life so much fuller.


…all my other “people” who I couldn’t go on without – friends, colleagues, children, moms I have never met.  I have such an incredible support system out there that justifies every day how I feel, what I am doing, and how I am doing it.

…my amazing job.  Not only am I lucky to be home with my kiddos, I get to work with other peoples’ children.  Children refresh me, lift a sour mood, make me hopeful for things to come and above all, make me laugh.


…deer in my backyard, a river within walking distance and the sight of the mountains every time we get in the car.

…on that note, my love and appreciation of the healing power of nature, passed onto me by my mom and dad.  I am grateful that my husband and I can pass this onto our children.

…the smell of freshly washed hair while snuggled up with my babies reading a story, recapping the day.

…clean sheets, shiny fridge shelves, no dirty laundry (a rarity), sparkly mirrors.  Never happens all at once, but hey…have to take them as they come!

…sweaters, a cup of hot coffee and a good book on a cool day.

…fall mornings at the market, kiddos in tow, wagon full of fresh, delicious goodies to eat.

…Friday night laughs with a group of funny, down-to-earth, supportive, beautiful women.  The kinds of laughs that are good for the soul and necessary to me doing a good job in all other facets of my life.

…a network of smart, forward-thinking, connected professionals who have helped me in huge ways as I get my business off the ground.  You know who you are 🙂

…the bright-looking future ahead of our little family, the bumps along the way that will define us, and the victories that will be celebrated.

From my family to all of you…a very Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! 


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  1. Miss Night (@happycampergirl)
    Oct 08, 2012 @ 15:34:03

    I love this, and have been working all weekend on a similar post. I am thankful for you, my sweet, smart, and funny friend. xoxo


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