10 Ways to Bring Music Into Your Home

It’s Musical Monday!!  Amongst other things, it is also our first week of classes and I am very excited to meet all my new little musicians and their families!  Along with that hesitant transition, kids are also excited to enter the classroom once they get a glimpse of all the fun instruments, books and activities! 

I have spoken to so many parents in the last few weeks that have mentioned that their little ones are SO into music, who have toddlers who really get their groove on, or Kindergarteners who love to sing…and yet they are not sure of how to nurture this in their children.  Sure, many people don’t have a formal background in music training, but there are definitely ways to help your little ones and encourage their musical talents.  I have compiled a very simple list of things parents can do to bring a little bit more music into the home:

  • Turn off the tube and turn up the radio…DANCE!!  In our house, when the going gets tough right before dinner, I often turn on the tunes and the kids dance around the kitchen…which puts ALL of us into a better mood!Image
  • Sing!  Your kids don’t care if you’re in tune or not – show them its fun!  The more you sing (and you can even be silly about it), the less self-conscious they will feel about it as the years pass.
  • Make a Song Bag: gather items from around the house that make you think of simple songs: star cookie cutter (Twinkle Twinkle), a stuffed cow (Old MacDonald)…put them in a bag and draw one a day and sing the song that correlates!
  • Bring out the pots and pans – or anything – and let the kids play!  You may consider this to be “noise”, but it is music to their little ears!  Perhaps save this one for outside on a warm day 🙂
  • Go into the community – take in shows, concerts and performances to broaden your children’s views of what music is!
  • Make a playlist on your device that your children have a say in, then let them listen to it.  My kids have their own list on my iPod compiled of everything they like – Raffi, Coldplay, Neil Young and the odd catchy hip hop song.  This gets us through MANY moments…in the car, waiting for Daddy to get home…
  • Listen to classical music and try to come up with a story to accompany it.  Talk about how the music changes and what could be happening in your tale!  If you need some inspiration, try watching an episode or two of Disney’s “Little Einsteins”.   They always feature a composer and an artist and there is always a great story to accompany the music.
  • Go to the library!  There are loads of resources to change it up at home: CD’s, DVD’s and stories – all about music!
  • Talk to them – small children can understand the basics around different types of music, the sounds heard in music and the history of music.  Give them things to think about!
  • Enrol your child in a music class or music lessons.  Group settings can be so productive for little ones as they learn how to be part of an “ensemble” (among many other things), and can provide a good solid base for more formal music instruction down the road.  Preschool classes offer little ones the chance to really act on their innate love of music and learn that music really is a wonderful part of day-to-day life.  Added bonus: they will bring home new games and songs to add to your repertoire!

Music really is the second language of all children, and they will gladly gravitate toward it whenever they are given the opportunity.  It is so beneficial…for everyone!  Have fun with it and enjoy!!

Happy Monday!



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