Musical Monday: Let’s PLAY!

It’s Monday again!  How does that even happen??  I have decided to start the week with a really simple post about some really exciting things for me!  I’ve been searching out some neat resources for my new classroom/studio and I just wanted to share my favourites so far!


THIS…THIS is the coolest.  I am SO excited about THIS.  Well actually, when I say “this”, I mean my entire class set of THESE.  I have had these custom made in EUROPE (completely by accident, really)…and I think they are just TOO NEAT.  I asked this lady if she could make me 10 felt boards with the treble clef staff on them…and this is what she came up with.  The pieces are all velcro, even the birds and clouds and sun – oh the things we will be able to do!  I look forward to using these as I teach little ones all about notation, the musical alphabet and the beginnings of reading sheet music.  If you like this, have a look at Ema’s other stuff – she is very reasonably priced, makes GORGEOUS things that are super appealing to little eyes and hands (and apparently…bigger ones, too!).  Her facebook page is:!/winter.ema

ImageOk, my second favourite purchase (although really, they are in no particular order…I am equally excited about all of them!): BOOMWHACKERS!  Apparently I have been living under a rock because recently, I had these out on my table at a trade fair.  Every little one that walked by knew exactly what they were – much to my surprise as I had never heard of them.  Basically, they are plastic tubes, the longest one similar in size to a wrapping paper roll.  They are each tuned to a note in the C+ scale (these ones are…I think you can buy other keys), and you play them by…wait for it…HITTING THEM ON SOMETHING.  Know any kid (or adult) that wouldn’t like these?? Again…the things we can do!  I have to admit – my husband and I have played with these more than a few times AFTER the kids have gone to bed.  They’re COOL.  Have a look-see at for all the cool things you can do with them.


And the last really cool thing I have purchased this summer: a 22 inch gathering drum.  Isn’t this beeeautiful??  The idea around a gathering drum…to GATHER.  I can already picture 8 little people sitting around this, each with a hand on the skin feeling the vibrations!  It is SUPER responsive and VERY fun to play…even for people like me who don’t have a lot of drum experience (with the exception of playing around with it again, after the kids go to bed!).  I will use this to tell stories, have children FEEL music, teach rhythm, talk about music from other cultures…the list goes on and on.  This is a REMO drum and it is gorgeous.  I can’t WAIT to play with it in class.

So now you know why I am excited to get going teaching this fall…how much fun will we have!!  Please feel free to leave your comments about how YOU have used any of the above, or any ideas on how I can use them!  I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Monday!!



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