Tech Tuesday: PBS Kids

Here is another late afternoon (ok, ok…evening) post.  Go figure, my life has been crazy-hectic for the last three weeks and now that there is some sense of normalcy, the posts keep getting later and later on in the day.  As I sit here perusing the web, my kids are happily playing with Little People and Tic Tac Toe, my husband is making dinner (!!)…I am free to take my time.  However, I have to say I am frustrated and disappointed by the lack of quality I have found in online music games for kids.  Let’s set some guidelines: just because it PLAYS music, or SAYS it teaches music, doesn’t mean it is actually a high-quality application.  But you all already know that.  I end up back over at good ol’ PBS Kids time and again this evening, realizing that, at least in this search today, this is as high-quality as I am going to get (PLEASE feel free to comment on this post and leave any suggestions for some good music games for kids online!).

It isn’t all despair; there are a few decent music games in the lot, all of them related to one popular preschool tv show or another (which ultimately appeals to kids).  As a matter of fact, the ones I like the most for little guys are the Toopy and Binoo games – they are simple, easy to understand and do enforce one music concept or another.  One that I played had me playing “musical memory”, repeating a pattern of tones that were played for me.  Another of Toopy’s games involved matching instrument tones by listening to four different sounds.  Both of these are listening games and help to develop a child’s ear – which is extremely important in being successful in music at one point or another.

Global Grover has a pretty good musical game, having kids choose from a few different cultural dances and putting moves together into a routine for Grover to dance to appropriate music.  The Global Groovin’ game also incorporates music from other cultures and is a bit better suited to kids just a tad older…maybe 6 years or so.  In this one they get to mix three tracks of music using different instruments, cultural beats and other random sounds.  Kids really have to think about how it all sounds together, incorporating timing and rhythm.

There are a few duds on this site, for sure.  They can be called “music games” because there is SOME kind of music, but many don’t reinforce any skills or have any educational value.  As always, use at your own discretion, but I can say that most PBS Kids games are pretty good in terms of ease of play and appropriateness for your preschooler.  My four year old has been navigating the games site for about a year now independently and I do trust that what he is playing is in line with his development.

All the games I mentioned above can be found at

Have fun!



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